PKC offers a variety of corporate training programs and styles that suit every type of business and training objective. Based upon the specific organizational training requirements, we offer:

Field Based Training : The participants actually get hands-on training in a real work environment and receive lectures that go hand in hand with the practical training. A crucial aspect of training is counseling and coaching and this is what the field-based training is all about. Tailored Training : Here we structure the training programs for each client following a thorough understanding of the clients professional profile, responsibilities and nature of business.
Forum Based Training : The program depends on interaction and knowledge transfer among the participants themselves. The participants join one another in tackling various issues related to their fields and together they can find solutions to problems that they usually face in their profession. Game Based Training : Game Based Training combines game playing and learning to create a compelling training experience. Games are considered the best medium for delivering knowledge and teaching better engagement, time-saving and coordination skills.